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Women's Networking Association


The mission of the Women’s Networking Association (WNA) is to connect professional women across campus through meaningful and empowering relationships. Providing an opportunity for women to network and support one another is an essential step for building women’s leadership at Michigan State University and in the Greater Lansing community.

WNA hosts monthly seminars which focus on professional development and leadership building. Topics have included: Effective Networking; Creating Your Brand; Goal Setting and Achievement; Communication Skills for Women; among others. WNA programs are open to all and may have particular relevance to individuals seeking to advance their careers or develop networking and leadership skills.

For more information about the Women’s Networking Association, contact Lydia Weiss in the WorkLife Office at or 517-353-1635.



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See what attendees of WNA programs have to say:

 "WNA has really helped me to be more confident to speak up in groups. I will recommend WNA to all who struggle with speaking in groups."  ~Princess

"WNA has been very helpful for my career development."  ~Anonymous

"Great topics, new perspectives, thought provoking."  ~Anonymous

"WNA has helped me meet people on campus and learn great tips at the same time."  ~Erin

 “WNA has made me more comfortable in groups – the content has helped me overcome feelings of inadequacy in my department and given me great ideas to implement in all phases of my life.”  ~Lois