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What does the MSU Women’s Resource Center do? The MSU Women’s Resource Center is committed to creating and implementing strategies that promote the status of women by providing a supportive climate that enables all to become full and active participants in the development of policy, decision making, and the achievement of equity. Our Center provides educational programs, workshops and conferences focused on topics of gender equity, leadership/professional development, intersectionality, and work/life issues, among others. Our office is responsible for advising two student groups – Successful Black Women of MSU (SBW) and the Women’s Initiative for Leadership Development (WILD). We engage in a variety of efforts and collaborative initiatives to promote equality and inclusion for students, faculty and staff on campus and in the community. We also help connect people to campus and community resources for a variety of issues.


What kinds of resources are available at the MSU Women’s Resource Center? The MSU Women’s Resource Center staff and student workers are knowledgeable about resources available across a variety of subject areas. We can help connect you to relevant resources, organizations and information in order to best resolve your inquiry. On campus we work collaboratively with many offices and departments to ensure access to necessary information. Additionally, we offer a DVD (PDF) and book resource library that are often utilized for class projects, research and student activism. 


How do I check out materials from the DVD library? The MSU Women’s Resource Center DVD library (PDF) is available to MSU faculty, staff, and students. Use of DVD's is free of charge. They can be checked out but must be returned the following day by 10:00AM, unless checked out on Friday. If checked out on Friday, DVD's are due on Monday before 10:00AM. Individuals may check out a maximum of three DVD's in one 24-hour period. We recommend that you reserve DVD's ahead of time, either by calling the MSU Women’s Resource Center at 517-353-1635 or by visiting the Center at 332 Union Building.  


Why is having a Women’s Resource Center on campus still necessary? Despite many gains having been won over the past several decades, gender equity is not a reality in many respects. Whether we are talking about the wage gap between men and women, higher instances of sexual assault and sexual violence committed against women than men, discrimination faced by transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, or disproportionate disadvantages based on race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religious affiliation, educational level, ability, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression, we still live in a society that perpetuates stereotypes and prejudice. For these reasons, a campus Women’s Resource Center helps advocate for equality amid systemic forces of oppression. For more information, read "Why Do We Still Need Women's Resource Centers?". (PDF)


Where can I find a schedule of the MSU Women’s Resource Center’s upcoming programs and workshops? We continuously update our upcoming events on our website. If you would like to be notified of upcoming programs through e-mail, subscribe to our listserv by e-mailing us at with the subject line “Listserv Subscribe.”


Does the MSU Women’s Resource Center provide counseling services? Our office does not offer counseling services. We would refer students to the MSU Counseling Center (517-355-8270) and staff/faculty to the MSU Employee Assistance Program (517-355-4506). However, if you are looking for specific resources or services around issues related to gender, we can help you locate other helpful organizations.


Can I report a sexual assault at the MSU Women’s Resource Center? If you have experienced a sexual assault, we recommend contacting the Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention (SACI) 24-hour sexual assault crisis phone line at 517-372-6666. Their advocates provide one-on-one counseling and survivor support. If you wish to report the sexual assault to the East Lansing police, you can call 517-351-4220 or the MSU Department of Police and Public Safety at 517-355-2221. In cases of sexual assault committed by an MSU student, contact the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives at 517-353-3922. Although the Women’s Resource Center does not directly handle cases of sexual assault, we provide a safe environment for survivors of sexual assault and sexual violence. We can also assist you in locating resources and organizations that can help you.


Does the MSU Women’s Resource Center award scholarships? The MSU Women’s Resource Center, along with the MBE Board, is responsible for awarding the Mildred B. Erickson Fellowship. The MSU Women’s Resource Center also administers the awarding of the William E. and Phoebe B. Clark Scholarship. Additional details, including applications for both grants, can be found on the Scholarships tab.


Does the MSU Women’s Resource Center offer student employment/internships?  Our office hires student workers, typically in the fall of each year. Student workers are responsible for various office tasks and student-led programming. We do offer unpaid internships under the supervision of the Educational Program Coordinator. Each internship position will be created around the interests of the student in order to maximize each individual’s experience as an intern. If you are interested in student employment or internships, please email us at or call us at 517-355-1635.


I am interested in volunteering at the MSU Women’s Resource Center. What kinds of volunteer opportunities does the Center offer? We gladly accept volunteers at the Women’s Resource Center. Typically volunteers have been responsible for special projects throughout the school year. Some of our events need extra loving hands to help our efforts. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us by email at or call 517-355-1635. Additionally, if you are interested in a higher level of commitment, we encourage you to check out our student groups; Successful Black Women of MSU (SBW) and Women’s Initiative for Leadership Development (WILD) found on the Students Group tab.


Are men allowed to participate in Women’s Resource Center activities? Absolutely! Men are welcome at all of our programs, workshops, conferences, and all other activities. We do ask that in light of the male-dominated culture we live in that men are conscious of the privilege they carry with them into these events. If men have questions about attending events hosted by the Women’s Resource Center, we strongly encourage them to talk to a staff member at our office.


Why isn’t there a Men’s Resource Center at MSU? Women’s Resource Centers were created as a response to the oppression women faced at universities that operate in male-centric frameworks. Women’s Resource Centers formed around the country as a way to balance the injustices and inequality women faced on campuses. Due to the fact that historically, men have not had to endure the same types of widespread oppression faced by women, Men’s Resource Centers have not been deemed necessary or appropriate. However, many efforts are being made to ensure that men’s needs are being met at MSU. The Women’s Resource Center is committed to gender equity for all genders and we support similar efforts around campus. We also have a Men’s Advisory Committee that meets at least twice a year to discuss life as a male identified person at MSU and men are welcome at all of our events.

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