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Women's Resource Center Men's Advisory Council (WRCMAC)

What is WRCMAC?

WRCMAC is a group of male identified individuals who occupy various staff and faculty positions within the University and who share the common appreciation of being thoughtful about masculinities and what it means to be male identified.  Individuals involved with WRCMAC also understand their connections to women across the campus community and the roles men can play in achieving gender equity.

What does WRCMAC do?

The Council advises the staff in the MSU Women's Resource Center on matters of gender as they are understood through men's perspectives and experiences.  They advise the Center regarding programming, publications, and resources pertaining to women, men, and all individuals along the gender identity continuum.  WRCMAC is committed to gender and its intersections so that ALL people can reach their full potential as Michigan State University faculty, staff, and students.  Gender equity is the primary goal of the MSU Women's Resource Center and WRCMAC assists us in achieving that goal.

Who is WRCMAC?

WRCMAC was launched in the fall of 2008 and accepting the challenge were:  Brent Bilodeau (external consultant), Terence Brown, Jerry Caldwell, Dennis Martell, Leonard Savala, Rick Shafer, Vennie Gore, C. Keith Groty (professor emeritus), David Gift and John Beck.

Current council members include:  Rick Shafer, Vennie Gore, Jerry Caldwell, Dennis Martell, John Beck, Matt Helm, Peter Briggs, Terence Brown, Steve Gold, Jim Pignataro, Leonard Savala, and Toby Tenyck.

These men’s expertise spans all segments of the institution. We’re delighted with the progress thus far – particularly with the quality of the dialogue and hope that you too will agree that this bold step will benefit all.